Diamond Shakti LED Rechargeable Torch - 5 WATT

A Diamond Shakti LED rechargeable torch is a fully automatic rechargeable torch which gives you a very bright spot light in a range of approx 2000 meter. After getting fully Recharge, it works continuously for 20 hours light.

Diamond Shakti Led torch light system comes with 5 Watt LED light and gives a great selection of features that include easily replaced and high intensity lighting. It also includes white daylight system which is adjustable as per your requirement.

We offer you light in both the way high and dim light. It is powerful enough for outdoors jobs, but still enough to keep handy in house.


  • Energy Saving
  • Rechargeable
  • High Intensity Lighting
  • White Daylight System
  • Spot Light (long range led rechargeable flash light system)


  • Spot light range : 2000 meters
  • Two PCs of ultra bright, long range, multiple chip led lamp - 5watt, 3watt
  • LED Life - 1,00,000 + Hours (No need to replace LED again)
  • A Transformer - 9.0.9 750mAH
  • Maintenance free Dry Battery (6v 4.5ah) (Replacement guarantee - 6months)
  • Charging Period: 8 Hours for Full recharge
  • Battery recycles period - 400 times
  • 3 Months of self discharge protection period
  • Side led chip lamp - 3 watt (Covers 15*15 Room areas)
  • A heavy duty metallic switch
  • A heavy Belt
  • A heavy Water Resistance Body
  • Overcharge trickle cut off.
  • Battery cover for easy battery replacement
  • Inbuilt charging facility